Name of Unit: Saving & Investing
Summary of Unit:
Students will apply learning and reasoning, decision making, and problem solving strategies to evaluate savings and investment options to meet short and long term goals.

Stage 1 Identify desired results( Destination)
Established Goals
  • Students will demonstrate
  • Students will learn to make decisions, solve problems and apply learning and reasoning strategies.
  • Students will understand and use a variety of technologies.

Other Goals
Common Core
State Frameworks/Competencies
Students will understand
Essential Questions:
Students will know… (Content)
Students will be able to….
  • Explain the purpose of the Federal reserve System
  • List the types of financial institutions

Thinking and information processing

  • Recognize problems.
  • Devise and implement plans of action.
  • Generate new ideas through creative thinking.
  • Organize, interpret and communicate information.
  • Make decisions by specifying goals, considering risks and evaluating and choosing the best alternatives
  • Select the appropriate tool or equipment for the task, including computers and related technologies.
  • Use appropriate computer software applications for completing various jobs.


Stage 2: Determine Evidence for assessing Learning
(How will I know if they have reached the destination?)
Performance Task:
Other Evidence:
Individual Project Rubrics
Stage 3: Build Learning Plan
(Road Map)

  • Class/online discussion