Welcome to our FIRST WIKI!

If you are here, you have successfully completed the first step. Before we go much further, I though it might be helpful to explain the basics of this collaborative tool. The Wiki, is actually more familiar than you think, and yes Wikipedia is the most popular form of this technology. This wiki is a protected publicly viewed page and only invited members have rights to Edit our pages.

What is a Wiki?

Wikis are a simple Web-based document editing tool. This public forum allows multiple people to access and modify the contents of the document or pages and can be accessed from anywhere and any device with web access.

The following links can provide additional information on the in's and out of wikis'

Wikis in Plain English - nice simple video overview
Wiki Walk-Through - tutorial of basic functionality
More Instruction - a bit more detail on functionality

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom
10 Best Practices for using Wikis in Education

These links are just a sampling of available information on wikis and their use in education.

You can certainly 'Google' for more information or feel free to email me with any questions.

Basic Navigation for Wiki Members:

To be active on the wiki, you must first SIGN UP with wikispaces.com. It's free and just takes in few moments. Your email invite and/or first visit to the home page should have walked you through this process.( more detailed instruction on this coming soon) After you Signup, you must also SIGN IN to gain access to the editing features.
The Wiki is set up with links to various pages containing the information available for editing. For our purposes we will be using the basic functions of EDIT and SAVE. You may also add a file, table or link to any page, if you feel that is appropriate. It's OK to explore, Don't worry! If you mess things up - you can UNDO or simply CANCEL instead of saving your changes. All the controls are on a tool bar that becomes visible when you first hit the EDIT button in the upper right side of the page. (Remember this edit button is only available after you sign in)

If you really get stuck use the online Help from the toolbar- it really is helpful!


In this collaborative effort our goal is to generate a curriculum standard, based on the Understanding by Design template, for Personal Finance. The first page,Personal Finance, is the current curriculum template. This is just for reference and to keep us organized. I have set up individual pages that correspond to the Units in the Personal Finance class using our UBD template.

The Current Units are:

You can follow the links above or use page links in the upper left of the page to navigate to the individual pages.

It is also a hope that through this collaborative effort we can identify areas of duplicity in our classes. And possibility begin an effort to streamline existing similarities or at a minimum, ensure that we are not all presenting our students with the exact same lessons.

For the public's benefit:
Understanding By Design( add link to book source & Author) is a current professional development initiative at Prospect Mountain High School. Personal Finance is currently a business elective. This course is undergoing a rewrite with the intent of making it a school wide graduation requirement. This intent will expand the course offering across multiple departments. I have invited 2 members of our Family Consumer Science Department and 2 members of our Social Studies Department to co-author this rewrite.